The Desert Fox, low on its wheels, doesn't look like it could survive the deep desert, with its dunes and sand and stuff like that. But in normal desert, with the kind of underground that can carry even a tank, this vehicle should do great. It looks real fast, it has a low profile (so it's difficult to hit), and good colors for desert war.

It is equipped with two anti-tank missiles, always handy in tank-friendly desert, and a rotating machine gun with protection for the gunner. Altogether fitting and realistic weaponry for a fast-attack desert vehicle. Being fast and maneuverable and armed with that machine gun, the Desert Fox could probably also serve well in modern urban warfare.

The box says there's room for 6 action figures. There's a driver, a passenger, a gunner and a radio-operator, but i've never quite figured out where to put the other two, except for hanging them between the gun and the roll cage. Those four figures have relatively well protected seats and standing places. The Desert Fox is only vulnerable from behind, because the gunner and radio-operator are unprotected from that side. Luckily, at least the gun can fire backwards, what is more than can be said about other vehicles with limited cover for their crew.

Altogether the Desert Fox is one of the best, and certainly one of the most realistic G.I.Joe vehicles around. I've always considered it to be easily as good as the AWE Striker.
Review by: Peter back