Funfunfun little Dune buggy! Front wheels have independent suspension (Why didn't they do this on the jeeps, like the VAMPs and Stinger?!). Has one cannon (does not shoot!). Adding to the realism and fun is the engine. Yes, the engine is fun. Why you ask? Well, you can pop open the hood in the back, and have the Joes "fix" it. It's the small things like this that made the earlier vehicles better than the later series. The color of it is perfect. Would have been cool if they released a variant brown color, ala the Vamp II. Believe it or not, there is a military dune buggy that color, and it is tres cool. Holds four figures, came with Crankcase figure.
I finally got one of these in a big collection I bought not too long ago. Frankly I don't see the appeal. It's a thin skinned and very small little dune buggy. It holds four with two on the runner boards but I can't really see anyone riding on them for an extended period of time. It has one small little cannon and that's it for offensive capabilities! It'd be good teamed with Recon sleds for recon missions and little else. Besides the drivers have no protection what-so-ever. It's also a royal pain to get the figures in and out without tyring to turn them into contortionists. It's a neat little thing, but I wouldn't consider it an asset.
Mold was later reused in 1992's Eco-Striker and 2001's A.W.E. Striker
Second review by: MarvlosToy Back.