Really, although this is a neat little many holes did you have laying around to use this? I mean, sure, you could use your imagination and all..but a real hole is better.
I never thought this vehicle was very cool. It really only serves one purpose: laying bridges so other vehicles can cross. It has a couple cannons, but it is not a good offensive weapon, and the cannons only swivel side to side so they wouldn't be very useful in a real battle. Plus, I think up to that point Tollbooth was the ugliest figure Hasbro made...he's got a cockeyed orange hardhat and this dumb look on his face. However, with all that said, I'm still glad they made this vehicle...when you combine it with other vehicles it increases the realism and fun of playtime. If you've got a convoy of a few MOBATs, Maulers, Vamps, and AWE Strikers, it's always cool to have a Bridge Layer in there to cross any massive rivers and ravines (streams and ditches) on the way.
by: scott Back.