The Dragonfly is one of the best Joe aircraft out there. Based on a US helicopter from the Vietnam era, it's also one of the more realistic. Heavily armed with six missles (or four missles, and two bombs, depending on how you want to look at it..) grenade launcher, machine gun, and some odd laser type weapon. Also complete with a hook, to carry almost anything, much like the later Tomahawk. Has a spring lever button which rotates the blades, right where a kid would hold it to make it seem as if it really was flying. Came with Wild Bill v1, but could also carry another pilot/gunner, and help two troops on the rails. What they held onto is beyond me, but hey, it's fiction. Add as many of these to you collection as possible.
Mold was later used in 1989's TigerFly and 2000's Locust back.