The meanest little boat in the fuckin' water!
The Devilfish is one kick ass little boat. Well, if you actually had some place to use it, anyway. A small, compact little orange vessel. It held one driver, and two Joes could stand on the sides. How they never would fall off, I don't know. A fake handle would be nice.

Equipped with some guns and missles, it was heavily armed for such a small boat. Definitely a good vehicle to add to your collection.
By: Tim
The Devilfish is kind of like the FANG of the GI Joe marine vehicles. While Cobra had the large and awesome Moray, GI Joe would try and fight them with the much smaller Devilfish. It's still a good weapon, it is small with dual marine motors, so it must be fast and nimble. It has 2 torpedos, 4 rockets, and 2 stationary guns. It's really only good for one figure, they put foot pegs on it for people to ride, but I doubt in reality anybody would be crazy enough to do so. In fact, as small and inexpensive as these boats are, each guy could probably drive his own boat...besides, they'd need a group of these if they ran into a Moray. review by: Scott
Mold later used for 1989's Tiger Force Tiger Fish Back.