The Condor although not much in the way of a fighter is an essential piece if you're (like me) a Cobra enthusiast. It's Cobra's bomber plane and comes with a ton of bombs. Over 20 in fact. The middle of the plane holds 8 large bombs, and the rear section has two compartments each with 7 (might be 8 I'm not sure off the top of my head) bombs. It also has 4 missiles under the wings but only one small twin gun in a large ring at the rear of the craft, so without a fighter escort these planes are sitting ducks. The Condor has an interesting gimmick in that it splits into two planes. Obviously this wouldn't work in real life for two reasons. 1. wind sheer would destroy the thing as it tried to break apart and if it managed to, the two halves would be damaged by the two engines blasting at each other, and 2. the front half doesn't have enough of a wing span to even stay aloft by itself. Overall though (and assuming you ignore the split apart gimmick) it's a fantastic plane with a great design. I recommend picking it up if you can find one as they don't appear often on the secondary market.Review by: MarvlosToy