So what if it's kinda lame? From the minds that brought you the Cobra Pogo!
The Cobra Buzz Boar one of the oddest vehicles ever made by Hasbro. It's a one-man buzz-saw machine that tunnels underground, no doubt to get behind enemy lines and reek havoc with it's machine guns and two missiles. As an infiltration vehicle, the Buzz Boar makes some sense, but it's still pretty strange. How does the driver even know were he is going? What if it runs out of gas while underground? I guess Hasbro was running out of ideas for small vehicles when they came up this "ditch witch". Some Joe fans don't care for the Buzz Boar because it's so unrealistic and weird looking. I can understand this. It's not the greatest vehicle by any means, but I think it was an interesting addition to Cobra's arsenal. In the cartoons, Cobra was always coming up with strange new weapons, so I could see them using the Buzz Boar against G.I. Joe.
Review by: Bravo Boss