The Mobile Battle Bunker seems to be one of those vehicles built around a gimmick. The gimmick is that when the vehicle opens up, a missile rack pops up. That's pretty clever, but it's not enough to make a great vehicle. The bunker aspect is silly, because only one crew member is safe inside the bunker; the other two ride on the top-rear of the machine, mostly exposed to enemy fire. Then to fire the missiles, the bunker top opens, and the third crew member loses his protection. So what's the armored bunker part protecting? A mere missile rack? That's just illogical. Still, the Mobile Battle Bunker isn't too bad. It has decent weapons and is a nice shade of green. It can carry five Joes: 3 crew members and 2 on foot-pegs. However, you'll have to recruit a Joe to drive it, as the vehicle came at a time when Hasbro cut back on vehicle drivers, and thus the Mobile Battle Bunker did not include a figure. Also, it uses the goofy "figure-clips", but these can be removed easily. All said, the Mobile Battle Bunker is an average vehicle at best. To it's credit, it looks good compared to the vehicles that appear in 1991.
From the catalog:

With five anti-armor missiles to detain Cobra's attack, this impenetrable vehicle digs in to secure its defense position! Also comes with battering ram and machine gun. Holds up to five figures. Figures sold seperately.
10 1/2 l. x 7" w. x 6" h.