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The Assault System Pod or something. Kinda neat looking. I should get one of these. Bang bang.
The Cobra ASP is a mobile anti-aircraft gun which can be towed by any standard vehicle with a tow hook. It is easily set up for battle, 4 legs fold down to stabilize it and the wheels fold underneath the platform allowing the turret to rotate freely. The guns swivel up and down and the body can also raise straight up (although I'm not sure why). reviewby SCOTT!

The twin cannons look almost exactly like the 30mm guns from a West German "Gepard" Anti-Aircraft tank... The overall design was actually very forward-thinking, because a large number of modern-day air-defense cannons (GDF-002, "Diana", Oerlikon and others) are based on a similar appearance. The reason the control pod where the gunner sat elevated was so that when you pivoted the pod vertical and lifted the cage, the gunner could mount and dismount standing up, a logical design idea. The fact that the gunner's pod put the gunner in a reclining position is even more reasonable than modern day air defense guns that make the operator sit in a flimsy chair to fire the gun. Aiming the ASP to shoot down Skystrikers was quick and accurate (I had one, it shot down loads Skystrikers back in the day). Hope this sheds some better light on the ASP.
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Mold was later used for 1989's Python Patrol A.S.P. Back.