This is one of the goofier looking vehicles that ever came out for the Joe line. It's a submarine that looks like a tank (with 6 large wheels) that was designed by a child. It has goofy bulbous canopies in the front and is a hideous lime green and bright lime green/ yellow color. Despite the way it looks, it's a neat piece that can be used both underwater and on land. It's heavily armed with four smaller black missiles that go on the side and underneath the engines, two large missiles on the sides of the engines, two large guns at the front and two mini-machine guns under the front, and lastly a large anti-aircraft gun at the rear for when it's on dry land. The BUGG also has two compartments that hold mini jet skis for a single rider. These alone are cool and come with two mini missiles each. The extra added bonus with the BUGG is that it has a detachable mini-sub that can "launch" from the main vehicle. It's silly, and I have no idea how it'd ever reattach without a dry dock, but it's still a neat feature. If you can find one, add it to your collection. Watch out for the seat belts (4) as those are often missing.Review by: MarvlosToy
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